Scrum Development

Find out why Scrum Development is the only way to create innovations

Scrum is a well-known software product development strategy that organizes software developers as a team to reach a common goal — creating a ready-for-market product. It is a subset of Agile software development. Scrum is a process that seeks to achieve the best possible result for a business project, especially in software development.

In Scrile we have experienced the advantages of Scrum on a daily basis. Due to the fact that Scrum makes regular and partial deliveries of the product, we realized that it is better suited to projects with complex environments, where the requirements are constantly changing, or where innovations, competitiveness, and productivity are essential.

How We Work

Scrum is based on incremental development. Scrum process is divided into 2-week sprints, during which teams of 3-7 developers create a valuable product. Each sprint starts with a planning meeting, where the requirements are prioritized and analyzed, and the estimation is carried out. During the sprint there are short daily meetings when teams discuss their progress and make plans for the day.

Scrum consists of three roles – Scrum Team, Product Owner whose responsibility is to focus on product success and business requirements, and Scrum Master who mentors the team as a coach. Once the Sprint finishes, the team’s progress is shown during the Demo. Retrospectives allow members to identify what can be improved to make plans for the next iteration.

Key Benefits of Scrum Development

Relevant Estimation

Flexible process of Scrum development leads to accurate cost estimation as timelines and budgets are based on development team’s actual performance and capabilities. As we are developing complete slices of functionality we can measure the real cost of development as it proceeds, which gives us a more accurate view of the cost of future development activities

Business Engagement

Scrum developement is based on collaborating with customers as partners and keeping customers involved and engaged throughout the whole project. The active involvement of a Product Owner, the high transparency of the product and progress, and the flexibility to change when change is needed, create much better business engagement and customer satisfaction

Scrum is a framework that fits perfectly into complex IT projects where there is a high level of requirements and a very broad scope in the future. It works for clients who are open to change.

We have built a highly productive and trusted team for your project to take advantage of Scrum development. 

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