Agile Software Development

Dedicated team, trust and focus on result

Agile is a method of developing software solutions, including websites, mobile applications, and complex IT products, that focuses on delivering a high-quality working software, while improving the effectiveness and increasing business value for our clients. 

We focuse on keeping the process lean and creating minimum viable products that go through a number of iterations before the final stage, instead of trying to deliver it all at once at the end. Agile approach means a team collaboration throughout a continual dynamic process where everyone is working together towards one goal.

In Scrile we use agile software development methods such as Scrum and Kanban which are based on Lean Startup methodology. These methods implicate adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery and continual improvement.

Most importantly, our software development is built around individuals, who are self-motivated and trusted. The principle of co-location in one office establishes the identity as a team and improves face-to-face communication and interaction. This provides the opportunity to release products within minimal time frames.

Benefits of Work with Agile Team

Client Engagement

Involving the client in every step of the project team work helps the team truly understand the client’s vision

Focus on Business Value

By allowing the client to determine the priority of features, the team understands can deliver the features that provide the most business value

User Orientation

Focusing features on the needs of real users, each feature incrementally delivers value, not just an IT component

High Quality

By breaking down the project into manageable units, the team can focus on high-quality development, testing, and collaboration

Early and Predictable Delivery

Using fixed schedule time sprints, new features are delivered quickly and frequently, with a high level of predictability

Flexibility and Change

New or changed tasks for product development can be planned at any stage, providing the opportunity to introduce changes within a few weeks

We recognize that IT projects are complex, requiring a deep understanding of our customer’s goals, challenges and expectations. That is why, the only way of creating innovative products lays through close integration of business and development team. We are uncovering better ways of software development to improve results and client satisfaction.

Contact us to discuss your project idea and will be glad to make it as efficient as possible.